About Beth

"The main thing that you need to know about me is that I have a passion for learning. In particular I am drawn to understand macro events, concepts, or movements that are affecting the world. I enjoy taking something complex and deconstructing it so that it is understandable."
Beth has applied her MA in Theology from University of Notre Dame and her MA (Cum Laude) in International Diplomacy with a specialization in Transnational Terrorism from Norwich University to custom design programs, seminars, and trainings for both the public and business sectors. She is known for delivering a sense of relevancy to the important and highly complex topics of our time.
Beth provides expertise through a unique synthesis of the emerging dominant themes of the 21st century. As the impact of international politics, globalization, transnational terrorism, religious movements, and world markets alter systems, it has never been more important to understand the world today. It is without question that each of these realms of human experience is re-crafting the world in to new spheres of influence and power.
"I've been able to combine my fields of study, international politics, religion, and transnational terrorism, at the most opportune time in history." Beth Hill-Skinner
Whether you are interested in learning for personal enhancement, or you are building a better management team for your multinational, or you want to develop better relations between your company and other businesses, Beth will equip you to get out of the box with the right mindset as well as a 21st century view of the world. Beth is a frequently requested speaker and has spoken at the World Affairs Council on the topics of Islam, Iraq, and the media. She is an accomplished writer and is currently working on two books. Beth has trained with renowned academics, spiritual mystics, terrorism experts, and religious practitioners from around the world. Beth is a Chopra University Certified Meditation Instructor. She credits her daily meditation practice for helping to maintain a sense of balance in the midst of a constant research and writing schedule.
She has traveled to 15 countries and has differing levels of competency in four languages.