“A problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it”. Albert Einstein


What is coaching?

Coaching is all about success. Think of the professional athlete who reaches top performance. Every person can achieve more but it takes more than desire or determination. A good coach provides the additional perspective, effort, commitment, internal mechanisms, and support to reach the desired outcome. Coaching is all about your success.

Corporations, nations, political organizations, communities, financial institutions, families, individuals-all comprised of human beings. It has never been more important to equip people with a full range of intra-personal as well as inter-personal skills. A person is, in many respects, a result of the repeated links between thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Recent advances in science, medicine, and psychology have yielded highly effective techniques to support success.

I have always been fascinated by the human potential for growth and change. After working with people for the past 25+ years I believe that any one can reach “higher ground” given the right motivation and with the right internal tools. Any one can change, grow, and evolve. And with the current years of longevity, it has become necessary to evolve.

I have been coaching people as part of what I offer for the past five years. It is really fun to see some one develop and reach their potential. I find it to be a most rewarding experience. I simply enjoy helping others through life transitions, career transitions, and all other areas. I myself have been through several life transitions, which affords me the lived perspective to help others navigate the terrain of going from the present to the next step. I am in to my third career, have thrived as a result of major personal changes, and am able to contribute my combination of knowledge as well as life skills for others growth.

Coaching is just what it sounds like: expertise in assisting, encouraging, helping, and supporting someone in achieving their desired results. ??In many ways I have always been a coach. I worked as a Drug & Alcohol counselor in the military in the 80s, taught hundreds of people communication and organizational skills during the 90?s, and helped clients change, improve, and transform their lives in the 2000?s. ??My natural proclivity for coaching was honed through training with the Ford Institute, training with spiritual masters, working with experts, and on-going learning. My skills will ensure that you reach your personal objectives.

“The invitation to grow, change, or evolve presents in a variety of ways. It may be a personal tragedy, an unwanted career transition, a sense that something is missing or that there must be more to life, or even the deep feeling of wanting to expand one’s horizons. What ever the impetus, the invitation is an exciting opportunity.” Beth