Corporate Training

There is no doubt the world is changing and so are human systems: business, financial, political, economic, and cultural. These changes are resulting in major shifts throughout the world. At Out of the Box International (®) you will find the training and resources for the new emerging realities of the 21st century. Beth has been known to say, “20th century thinking will no longer do the trick. It is a different world, and therefore your thinking must be current in order to thrive in these new times. And it is possible to thrive-with the right thinking, the right knowledge, and the right perspective.”

We are a positioned to assist leaders, managers, executives, and transnational thinkers.

One must have a new understanding of the cultural, religio-political, geo-political, and security issues that are dominant in the world today. Understanding the impact of each of these themes is essential for a successful business strategy. If you or your management team is viewing the world through a 20th century lens, it will negatively impact all levels of decision-making.

Out of the Box International(®) is a valuable resource for your corporate bottom line. Beth is known for delivering a sense of relevancy to the important and highly complex topics of our time. It is a challenging time, but an exciting time. She also believes that a combination of intelligence, leadership, contextualized information, and resilience are key assets in a changing world. Which of these traits is your organization most in need of? Is it time to evaluate your organizations’ global preparedness?