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Beth provides expertise through a unique synthesis of the emerging dominant themes of the 21st century. As the impact of international politics, globalization, transnational terrorism, religious movements, and world markets alter systems, it has never been more important to understand the world today.


Whether you are interested in learning for personal enhancement, or you are building a better management team for your multinational, or you want to develop better relations between your company and other businesses.

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The Real Reason The 82 Chibok Women Were Released

While their families will be relieved to have them home, the unfortunate reality is, these girls are political props. At a time when President Buhari is battling an undisclosed illness, some reports stating that he works only an hour or two each day, this highly publicized release of
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America is Getting “Trumped” (Part 1)

There are so many reasons why Donald Trump is dominating the news cycle during the summer of 2015.  But one day, it will be a summer to forget.  Why?  Because America is getting “Trumped”. The theatrics, the bombastic speech, the insults…. all quintessential Trump.  His New York “toug
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Is it Really News When Putin “Goes Missing”?

Yes, it really is actually news, but first let me explain a few things. Oh, the fun that was had during the 10 or so days when it was “news” that Mr. Putin had not been seen in public for quite some time.  The memes on Twitter, the images that were photoshopped to mockingly reveal Mr.
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