Jordanian Pilot Burned Alive. What Should Happen Now?

World leaders must now consider “next steps” after the release of a video purportedly showing the death of Lt Moaz al-Kasasbeh as he struggled for his life, in a cage, while flames took him.

Gruesome.  Unimaginable.  Inhumane.  And HARAM, meaning forbidden by Islamic law. This is an offense against all Muslims and even against Allah.  This is not Islam, this is brutal savagery meant to create a climate of fear. It is wanton depravity on a human scale, irrespective of religious ties.

In the early hours since the release of the video there is much talk about how the Jordanians will respond.  There is talk about the future of the already fragile coalition.  ISIL/ISIS is attempting to shock and frighten any Arab nations who are aligned with the U.S.-led fight against this profane terrorist group.

geography-of-jordan0..imagech001191_lr005461-sdeolWhat should happen now?  

What should happen now is a new alliance between Arab leaders in order to preserve the future of Islam, the stability of the region, and their respective national security.  Arab leaders must now articulate and formulate the legitimate reasons for defeating ISIL/ISIS, precisely because it is an aberration of the religion of the region from which it has risen.  Out of the hot desert has arisen a presentation of Islam that has contorted the religion in every sector of the world.  Arab leaders must rescue not just their people, their national security, but also the religion of the Prophet.

Leaders in the Arab states must allow tribal influencers within their countries to speak out against the killing of a fellow Muslim in this heinous manner.  ISIL/ISIL does not and cannot continue to claim any association with Islam.  And therein lies the forge between Arab leaders and ISIL/ISIS.  It is time for leaders to speak  CLEARLY about terrorism, under the name of Islam.  It is time to reveal this as a lie.  Forging the way to the future depends on leaders in the Middle East coming to terms with the difference between a just war, a just group and a hellish war, a hellish group.

Islam is a religion of peace, when practiced by “normal” people.  And that qualification is odd in itself.  To stake a claim for “moderate” Islam became necessary only when contrasted with the actions and beliefs of terrorists.  Moderate Islam?  I refer to it as “normal” because the majority of Muslims will not align with the acts of terrorists but rather are interested in family values, a good career, and finding meaning in life.   Most Muslims are feel revulsion as terrorists commit vile acts against humanity.

What should happen now?  

It is time for Arab political leaders, Muslim clerics, Imams, tribal leaders, political leaders, and leaders of state in the Middle East and in South & Southeast Asia to forge a distinction with a clear path to the future.  To not do so at this time, after the depraved group of terrorists under the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, (the self-proclaimed leader of ISIL/ISIS) has unquestionably told the world that he is not a Muslim, he is a psychopath who does not  warrant respect nor prolific status.

Jordanian-Pilot-CapturedThis group ISIL/ISIS can no longer be considered solely an enemy of the United States and the west, they are an enemy of all Muslims; they are an enemy of all people.  The coalition against this scourge must be strengthened based on this brutal propaganda, a video which shows the death of a Jordanian pilot, trapped in a cage and burned.  This curse of ISIL/ISIS is spreading its dark veil of death, not even sparing a fellow Sunni Muslim.
It is a false narrative for any in Jordan to claim that, had its military not been joined with the U.S.-led coalition, this terror would not have been visited upon them. This is a false narrative.  ISIL/ISIS is about nihilism and to arrive at a rational explanation will only result in an ever-widening threat of terror. Terrorism is about the power of fear. ISIL/ISIS kills without favor upon any one.  Its members have indiscriminately killed Arabs, Sunnis, Shi’as, women, and children. To give the terrorists further power after this deviant killing of the Jordanian pilot, this would be an incorrect reaction.

This is a time to transcend the injustice of colonialism.  It is time to throw off the vestiges of the past and come to a clear alliance in order to forge the path to the future.

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