King Abdullah: Islam & his response to ISIS/ISIL

In recent days I have been asked to read many opinions about the religion of Islam. Too many commentators are taking a very narrow and limited analysis of the religion and the problem of the terrorist organizations who are justifying their cause as an Islamist cause. There are many factors that have created this time in history when terrorists, who are a scourge on the earth, are dominating the narrative.  Truly they are a scourge.

King Abdullah II of Jordan presents a more intelligent and rational view on what is occurring within the Arab states region.  His presentation of is a more balanced view of just how corrupt  the ideology of the terrorists is; they are not religious and it is not the faith of the Prophet Muhammad. They are fanatics and dangerous to Muslims and all other peoples.

Tradition holds that King Abudullah descends from a prestigious line within Islam.  The Hashemite lineage claims it can be traced all the way back to the daughter of Muhammad, Fatima.  Some even claim it can to traced even further back to the great-grandfather of Muhammad whose name was Hashim ibn ‘Abd Manaf.

This ancestry is part of the Quraysh tribe, the powerful tribe of Mecca and the Ka’aba in pre-Islamic times. Muhammad was a member of this tribe and it was his revelations that resulted in a new religion out of the Bedoin, pantheistic, polytheistic belief systems.  The religion of Islam emerged primarily because it rejected the idols and theistic beliefs that had long been adhered to throughout the Arabian Peninsula.  Bedoin practices were denounced by the growing numbers of followers to the Muslim faith and the teaching that there is only one God, Allah.  It was the introduction of a singular deity and a new moral and social code that resulted in a fracturing of religions practices throughout the Peninsula. Islam grew as more people rejected the traditional religious ways and adapted to the teachings of Muhammad.

Camel-Parade-800x600Regardless of the veracity of just how far back the lineage can be traced, King Abdullah’s family roots are directly tied to The Prophet.  The King’s voice needs to be heard as a buffer against the cacophony of reactionary radicalism within both Muslim groups and non-Muslims groups. King Abdullah is a voice for Islam.  His distress at what is being presented to the world as Islam is apparent.  The millions of Muslims who seek to not be identified with radical killers have an example in King Abdullah II who clarifies a more realistic stance for Muslims. The terrorists represent a minority of Muslims.  According to a report in the Christian Science Monitor, in the article, “How many Muslim extremists are there?  Just the facts please” (January 13, 2015) the author puts the figure at 0.01 percent of all Muslims in Europe, thus disparaging the oft-bandied about numbers of 15-25% of all Muslims in Europe.

Numbers matter.  Who one gets information from matters.  Saving the world from the scourge of terrorism matters.  And the world community will not be able to accomplish the eradication of terrorist groups who abscond with a few principles of a religion, claiming to represent all adherents, with inaccurate information or through the voice reactionary personalities.  King Abdullah II and his wife, Queen Rania are Muslims in a Muslim country.  It is incorrect to categorize all Muslims through the lens of criminals and terrorists.

See a clip of an interview with King Abdullah here:


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