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BETH'S BLOG: Information With a Purpose. 21st century literacy in cultural, geo-political, religio-political, geo-security, and global conversations.


  • Beth's comprehensive knowledge on the subjects she teaches goes beyond my expectations. I have taken several classes with her and she is consistently well-prepared
    Delores, Riverside, CA
  • What she knows about human development, how the mind works, and how people grow is amazing. She goes beyond psychology. She brings in spirituality, intellect, and something that I can't quite describe, but it is a depth of understanding for how human beings evolve
  • The thing that stands out to me about Beth is that she is passionate about learning. Her enthusiasm is contagious
    Susan L., sunny Florida
  • Beth is exceptional as an instructor. I am now retired after traveling around the world for most of my working career. Her perspective is informed, cogent, and she doesn't skirt the realities. At the same time, she requires her students to elevate their thinking above the stereotypical generalities that are all too present in the media
    Nick K., CA
  • Her expertise on the Middle East has helped me develop an entirely new way of viewing U.S. foreign policy
    Carol D. AZ
  • Her intellect is combined with a lack of judgementalism. I appreciate that because these are challenging times in the world and I want to learn, not just hear the fear-mongers tell me what to think
    Frank, CA
  • Beth needs to be on TV. She is someone who actually makes some sense
    Deborah, Sydney, Australia
  • I don't agree with many of her assertions about some of the people in the Middle East, but I always learn something from her. And she knows her stuff
    William, MA
  • She is an excellent communicator. And I am impressed with her preparation, thoroughness of research and ability to convey complex information to any one
    Kathryn, CA

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